Friday, January 30, 2009

::curriculum vitae::

Anyone ada hajat nak job hopping?

Last week my old fren reviewed my cv, her comments: she feel like rotan’ning me coz my cv outdated. Hehe don’t la rotan me…gong xi fa chai to u fren!

Dun make early conclusion ya..I dun have any intention to leave my current job ok. Saja kasi update as it needs quite a fair nit of changes so it will be eveready bila nak guna.

However if ada ‘lamaran’ yang kaw-kaw, good package, ada career enhancement why not? No harm to try kan! tapi ada ke..hiks.

Ok let’s share some tips…maybe useful for adik2 yang baru grad nak apply for job.

1) Your cv, it must reflect your real self.

2) Be HONEST about your work scope and about yourself - never ever ever lie in your cv just to naik pangkat or a bigger salary.

3) CV - max 3 pages, best keep it to 2 pages;

4) CV to be sharp, concise, short sentences;

5) Refrain from :
• providing discriminatory information e.g. sex / gender, age, race, religion
• lengthy elaboration, this is not letter writing;
• repeat / duplicity of work scope

6) Any unique successes / achievements?

7) Make sure formatting is consistent = neat and tidy

8) Ensure there are no typo error, misspelling, grammar error = this shows the care taken to write a CV - it is your first presentation of (self) to a reader. If you have errors in your CV, it shows there is a lack of respect to the interviewer / reader who has taken time to review. It shows the level of your own self-respect. Respect interviewer's time. Make your CV reader friendly and professional. (bebel sikit)

9) If you are extending a print copy, use quality heavy grammage paper - Conqueror paper - neither to use photocopy paper or photocopy your cv banyak banyak and send to numerous job positions. (dulu I pun buat ni masa baru2 grad)

Hmm..macam bagi tutorial pulak I the way hope it helps.
Kita sama2 belajar kan..everyday is leaning curve.

In addition, out of the above topic..I have been given an award by Yatie. Thanks dear..I'm speechless (perasan cam terima Grammy award plak..huhu)
Since the task tak susah, so here we go…

1. Copy Badge ‘2008 Cute’s Blogger Award’ untuk diletakkan di blog anda:

2. Link atau ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberikan award ini kepada anda:

A mother to a little cute baby zara..

Setiap blogger hendaklah menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih pemenang seterusnya:

My hobbies/interests
1) Book-scrapping (baru nak berjinak2)
2) Cooking & baking (but always.. time constraint will be a solid excuse)
3) Kumpul & simpan recipe
4) Crazy about magazines (fashion/deco etc)
5) Crazy about cute miut/comey lotte stuffs (eg: hello kitty collections, fridge magnet)
6) U-tubing
7) Blog hopping

Tu je yang I can think of right now..spoil je kan.

One more..I tak reti laa nak kasi award ke tag ke kat sesape, thus to all, whoever singgah and read my blog ni you are most welcome to receive this award! Because u are special to me.
Have a nice day ahead…


rasp said...

gud info sis, thx..ooopsss hehehehe...well like u say lah kan if offer gud package why not ngehehehe..

a-as said...

Dear rasp,
no hal..
by the way i pon baru tau format resume skang ni no photograph unless asked for..that was told by fren also.

Wah..sakan yer shopping kat bandung!
I pon nak ke sana gak nanti..looking forward ni!!!