Friday, November 28, 2008

Selena – The Queen of Tejano Music’s ur day so far. Hope ceria sokmo. Thank God today is Friday…I like!

Today my lunch hour longer but prefer to stay in office lazy to go out!

I nak share story of one my favorite singer. Selena – The Queen of Tejano Music (Spanish-Texan music)

Have you ever heard of Selena? I like her songs very much. Her songs famous in early 90s (well.. this will tell how old you are..kwang-kwang-kwang! But no big deal age is just a number).
Dia ni kira satu zaman dengan tommy page, tiffany, roxette etc

Ada kisah tragis happen to her. She is very gorgeous and talented. Ada film kisah dia, J.Lo berlakon jadi Selena. Masa ni J.Lo tak berapa famous lagi and she pun quite chubby..

The film all about Selena from small, jadi famous singer, met her husband till she was murdered by her assistant. I got her soundtrack CD.

I watched DVD story dia lebih 5–6 kali kot (borrow my kakak ipar punya..).
If you all interested to know about her boleh search kat internet. Her songs kat utube pun ada.

Btw, this is serba sikit about Selena

Selena (April 16, 1971 – March 31, 1995) was born in Lake Jackson, Texas, to Abraham Quintanilla Jr. and Marcella Quintanilla. Abraham opened a Mexican restaurant in Lake Jackson. Selena was 9 years old when her father discovered her talent for singing. He formed a band consisting of Selena on vocals, her brother AB on bass, and her sister Suzette on drums. The group called Los Dinos, after a band Abraham was a member of in the 1950s and 1960s, frequently performed at the restaurant. In 1981 the family moved to Corpus Christi where Abraham started booking his band out for weddings and parties. This became their way of life. Selena and Los Dino's big break came in 1987, when the then 15 year old Selena won the Tejano Music Award for Female Entertainer of the Year. That award led Selena to a major record label contract with Capitol Records and six very successful albums. By 1992 Selena had branched out and launched her clothing line and married her guitarist,Chris Perez.. In 1994, she was nominated and won her first Grammy for Best Mexican-American Album, Selena Live! That same year she opened her first boutique in Corpus Christi, Texas. Then on March 31, 1995 Selena was murdered at the age of 23 by Yolanda, her friend and president of her fan club.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

nayli's girly stuffs...

In her room, at one corner..her stuffs (very the bersepah..I dah tak larat nak kemas)

Let see apa benda semua tu..for your info her stuffs nobody can usik even her aunty2 pun saje nak usik tengok pun tak di kasiknya. Umair dah biasa kena marah kalau touch her things.

Make-up set..some she kebas mine tau..dah jadi hak milik dia huhu..

For manicure…

Her rings collection. RM5.90 satu! Some present from her aunties.

Her earings…hmm biasa la tengok her aunties ada banyak collection earings so dia pun nak! Tu I belikan yang 4 pasang for RM10 jer tp can get yang cute2. Dia tak lah pakai sangat pun..ikut mood..

CDs collection..strawberry, mariposa…bla..bla..

Her hp! issey miyake pun dah jadi dia punya (sib baik dah tinggal skit..).
Actually hp tu my father in law punya. Since he got a new one so this old phone dapat lah kat nayli ;)

Some of her books. Nayli tak sekolah year she turn to 5, Insyaallah baru pergi sekolah.

This is her doll, mel-chan. Sebelah mel-chan tu her catty soft toy from her baby time..hadiah from uncle din

This is mel-chan punya baju tido.. time baru beli mel-chan tu pakai baju tido with botol susu jer..
pastu her aunty belikan mel-chan new baju and socks. Jangan tak tahu mel-chan ni ada website..kat situ macam2 ada..

Belum sekolah tapi ‘beg sekolah’ sampai 2..nasib baik 2 jer… her jalan2 bags. Suka hati dia nak pakai yang mana… sometimes none of them pun!

That’s my girl…NayLi yASmIn.

My little plant in office

I’m happy tengok pokok I ni segar bugar tumbuh kat tepi my pc in the office. Dah tiga bulan dia jadi peneman baik my PC. Baru tumbuh pucuk lagi…suka..suka.

Pokok ni jenis senang jaga. I bought in ikea, RM2.90 jer.

I pernah terbaca article katanya bagus letak pokok (any pokok tp padan2 la jgn letak pokok durian pulak..hhihhk!) kat tepi pc.

Petikan from the article:-

“Over the years, there have been many academic studies that provide evidence to support the fact that the use of office plant has substantial benefits for your business and your employees. Indoor office plants not only look good but improve air quality, worker productivity and reduce stress thus maximising your business profits”…

So fren, after this you may consider put some tumbuh-tumbuhan kat meja office ok..

This one I just bought to my bring to his office.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ayam penyet

Have you tried makan here? I went there recently. First time tried ayam penyet ni when I was in JB last year. This is makanan orang jawa.

A friend of mine told about this kedai dekat The Curve. Kat Singapore pun ada branch, so orang Singapore pun boleh try this out! I ada paste full address lagi or to view their website,

Please note, kat kedai ni you all kena order kat cashier and pay first then your food will be served. Rasa macam kat indonesia sebab all the waiters are speaking indonesia and lagu2 famous from indonesia berkumandang. Selamat mencoba…

food review..

burrrp! Alhamdulillah…

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Latest umair-chan’s toy. For him doesn’t matter toy tu cheap or expensive as long as it’s a ultraman…yeah!!
Same with his cousin, azim. They are a huge ultraman fan!

This is mask rider kot…tengok.. sampai mommy dia pun boleh hafal apa toy dia..
Have to.. kalau tak nanti dia soal jawab tak tahu plak…huhu. Actually this one ayah long present to umair. Makacih ayah long!

This one nayli-chan punya. Let’s play doh. Sometime I pun kena main ni jugak tau..kena paksa dek 2 budak kecik ni..suruh buat cat la..karipap car la..

Pantang dapat Toys r us’s catolog…tengok kusyuk study. Pastu “mommy nak ni..nak tu”. That’s why la mommy nyer kena kerja tau!!

from bali..


Comey tak selipar saya? ni hadiah from a friend yang pergi Bali baru-baru ni. Dua2 color coklat..orang beri kita terima jer.. :)

Btw u all ada dengar lagu Kaer yang baru tu kan! Tajuk dia lupa laa nanti kena check balik.

I sekarang ni suka dengar suria f.m pulak pagi2..saje..tukar angin. Lagu2 pun not bad..ok la nak layan. Hiks!! since minggu ni I have to drive to office so tak de orang nak layan bersembang..I layan dengar radio jer.. :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

::Dinner nite:: sequel 1

Further to my office dinner hari tu..

Me with simple kebaya and daddy pakai baju melayu. Actually tak ikut sangat pun theme tp okeylah tu Saloma version bertudung and P.Ramlee moden gitu.
All together malam tu about 80 orang kot turn up. This is my first dinner ever since I joint this company. Still new, not even 1 year. Maybe in later entry I will share my working experience k.

That nite I tak de “ong”.. tak dapat grand prizes. I got stand fan jer but better than nothing lor. Antara grand prizes were home theater and electrolux dryer (I dream yang ni tau!) tak de rezeki.

The funny part was my spouse and I called to be one of best couple. Jahat tau..MC dera kitaorang suruh menari (yang paling romantic) kat depan tu. I mana reti!
Precisely memang I tak menang ..hiks!. So embarrassed.

korang jgn gelak yek tengok gambo ni..

Seronok tengok shows from all the maknyah/shemale. Senak perut with their dirty jokes. Obviously dorang ni suka kacau all the VIPs and guys. Suka2 dorang jer. Dorang ni kan memang cantik mengalahkan pompuan. Their body and smooth skin..really kalah kita yang pompuan ni. Yang I ingat one of them nama L.vyn stand for Lady, virgin, young & naughty..boleh?... suke-suke dorang jer kan. Anyway show dorang memang fun giler.

During show time suddenly got sms from sis in-law, Mrs. Taj updates me on TARA’s result. Frustnya Ida&Tania no.3 jer.. but I really proud of them.

Show habis lambat jugak about 12 midnite. I reached home pun about 1 AM.
Huh! letihnya...

Nanti once photos is ready/uploaded by committee dinner ni I will share with you in sequel 2 wokeh!

Reply emails


Last week kan I just got back to office after 2 weeks on medical leaves due to conjunctivitis yang sangat teruk. Seminggu I settlekan mana kerja yang terbengkalai and reply emails yang beribu-ribu lemon tuh. Well..kerja kat ofis memang tak akan habis unless you quit.

So my replied emails semua started with this sentence.

“Thank you for your email and very sorry for belated reply as I was away from office last 2 weeks”

I got concrete reason ok..bukan itu yang ku pinta..cccewwah!!

One of my colleagues said; aku rasa macam ko pergi maternity leaves plak. Amboi..maternity leaves 2 bulan bang! Bukan 2 minggu. Rindu I la tu!..lama tak nampak (poyos jer..hehe)

Minggu baru just started. Semangat!..mesti semangat ok kawan2. ^-^

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What is ur signature smell?

“Nothing represents you better than a perfume tailored to your personality.”

I setia dengan my 212 Carolina Herrara dah lama jugak. Smell nya initially quite strong tapi makin lama makin best (for me laa..) Lotion dia pun I like so much.

Check this out!!

I nampak Carolina Herrera ada introduced new collection “Carolina Herrera CH” (50ml, RM246) tp I tak pernah bau lagi. But I trust mesti wangi punyer. From what I read, it’s based on honey melon, cinnamon, orange blossoms, sandalwood and patchouli (ntah apa-apa dia punya ingredient!)

Boleh try ni kalau suka.. As for me, I tak bercadang to get a new one yet sebab nak habiskan yang mana ada dulu…

Tip from JUST NICE…CHEERS!- Spray perfume on a piece of fabric and leave it in your closet. This’ll help your clothes carry your signature smell too.

3 Dara Pingitan

Candid!!..inilah aksi si 3 dara bila berjumpa. Nayli and her cousin sistas..Sarah Arzuan and Jasmine Arzuan. Huh..sempat bermanicure bagai lagi tu..

Nayli ada 10 orang cousin so far.. Azim the only one from daddy side. (Aunty Ah cepat tambah baby tau!)
Lagi 3 orang cousin nun jauh di Gold Coast. Hi Kak Long, Kak Ngah & Adam!!:) we mish u..

I dengar je conversation diaorang ni.. ‘kita suka yang kilat2 tau!’ Jasmine says.

Nayli mencelah..’kita suka purple color’..

Sarah cakap ‘Nayli please duduk diam nanti comot’…

Simply sweet!..budak-budak zaman sekarang very the clever..pasal bergaya no. 1.

Semua berangan nak jadi princess!

$antapan kiwi

Untuk santapan kita hari ni jom share knowledge about kiwi fruit. One of my favorite fruit ni.

Rasanya dah ramai tahu tentang khasiat buat berbulu ni. Followings are the benefits of kiwi fruit :-
•Antara buah yang rich ngan vitamin C
•Also if we take constantly a few kiwi every day can prevent from blood clots.
•Dikatakan juga baik utk pengidap asma
•Baik utk mata. Boleh mengurangkan resiko penyakit rabun

Do you know….
•Untuk kulit lebih lembut, licin dan fresh boleh sapu lotion yang mengandungi estrak buah kiwi.

•Potong kiwi dlm dua bahagian dan gosok atas permukaan daging ketika membasuh kemudian hancurkan hirisan kiwi tersebut dan biarkan 10-15 minit boleh melembutkan daging secara semulajadi

•Kiwi boleh lasting for 3 weeks provided simpan tanpa sinaran matahari or the best dlm fridge

Nak makan boleh makan gitu jer or slice2kan makan sama dgn cereal for healthy breakfirst. So lepas ni this fruit shud be in our must-eat list!

Enough chatter from me. Hope this is informative for you all.

Monday, November 17, 2008

BZ MONDAY's ur day today? Mine very hectic one!

Ffuhhh..I just got back to office today after 2 weeks tinggalkan you can imagine la berapa banyak benda urgent yang I kena settlekan. Macam lipas kudung you!
Ni pun cilok jap sambil tunggu my hubby to fetch me. Selambak kerja to bring back continue kat rumah..kalau tak de aral melintang I buat lah. Sometimes bawak balik kerja tp tak terbuat pun..then bawak balik office semula hehe..saje..bagi sedap hati!

Orait to go now. See you soon! daa....

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Just thanking notes from me.

Bebanyak terima kasih kepada semua yang sudi singgah to this little corner. You really keep me going during trying times babe! I am a newbie here.
Special thanks sent to my sis-in-law, mr.taj theladybirdistalking yang banyak assist me in setting up this blog.

Like I said lets share anything here..the hottest place in town for fashionistas, tips, secret and gossip pun boleh, best ever makan place, what a girl wants, the best retail therapy available…etc.
Sharing is caring *wink wink*

Please jangan segan silu to leave your comments under what say you! Make friends in cyber world mana tahu one fine day ada jodoh and rezeki we’ll meet in real world kan.

Have a nice weekend!!

Tulus ikhlas. Just me..juSt NiCe…chEErs alwiZ

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Wanita, Nona, Cleo, Intrend, Eh!, Cosmopolitan, Glam, Women's weekly, Her world...huh too many! Give me..give me..I memang suka. Every month I spare some money for my mag. Yang mana berkenan di hati I'll buy. Ada Orang suka spend for novel or other book collections but not me.

Jgn tak caya I pun read this!(walaupun dah x seventeen) Influenced by my sis-in-law, adik. I selalu borrow dia punya but this month I bought my own.
Some of my mag. dah x cukup tempat nak simpan.

I pun suka tengok japanese mag. Normally kakak ipar jepun I will pass to me once dia habis baca. Even I tak paham sepatah haram it's ok..tengok gambar pun cukup. Wow! fashion diaorang ni very advanced! from baby stuffs, kids semua ada.

Coolkan bag ni..tapi I berangan nak tod's or anyahindmarch..hehe berangan tak salah! I pun suka Aigner. I got one small hbag bought from ebay. Murah je! Yang kat boutique tak mampu lor!
Tapi my LC bag jugak yang I kelek ke mana2 for ages.

Actually I ni bukan brand-oriented person pun..tak de brand kalau hati suka I rembat jer..simple. Cuma kalau boleh nak satu tod's jer..(berangan tak sudah!)
Ada orang memang suka invest kat beg yang beribu2..kalau mampu apa salahnya. They think it's worth to invest..sebab boleh tahan bertahun2 & boleh turunkan ke anak cucu tapi make sure yang evergreen lan kan. Macam LV ke..

Well.. setiap orang ada opinion and taste tersendiri.