Friday, May 29, 2009

|| memorable ||

Mula-mula rasa sayang jugak nak let go 2 barang ni tapi bila pikir kat rumah tu tak de tempat nak simpan..ok lar.
Both items adalah barang nayli then diwarisi oleh umair. Dengan berat hati tapi ikhlas me let go to hubby’s friend.
Untuk kenangan I ambik gambar & tempek kat sini so that nanti depa dua orang tu boleh tengok balik their baby chair and car seat tu..;D

..Habis ler gue kalau ada new baby..jenuh kena cari baby chair and car seat lain..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

kerja-kerja yang tertangguh!!!

I managed to do pap smear last week selepas postpone berkali2. Korang dah buat? Cheeeewahhh…sibuk aje kan. Mentang-mentang dah buatkan..huhuhu.
Below is a brief info about pap smear (frm google) but I believe most of you are well informed.

What is a Pap smear?

A Pap smear is a test your doctor does to check for signs of cancer of the cervix. The cervix is part of your uterus (womb). During a Pap smear, your doctor takes a sample of cells from your cervix to be tested and examined.

To take the sample, your doctor will put a special instrument called a speculum into your vagina. This helps open your vagina so the sample can be taken. Your doctor will gently clean your cervix with a cotton swab and then collect a sample of cells with a small brush, a tiny spatula or a cotton swab. This sample is put on a glass slide and sent to a lab to be checked under a microscope.
Doctors suggest that for 2 days before the test you avoid:
• Douching
• Using tampons
• Using vaginal creams, suppositories, and medicines
• Using vaginal deodorant sprays or powders
• Having sex

These pix tak de kena mengena langsung pasal pap smear ;D

Umair and daddy udah tempah baju melayu untuk raya last weekend. Selesai satu kerja yang tertangguh!

Managed to get gift for nayli's teachers too. Selesai 2 kerja yang tertangguh!! ;D

Thursday, May 21, 2009

singa in english apa?...

I tergelak bila dengar my kids duk bersoal jawab. Selalunya on the way back from rumah baby sitter, mulut diaorang ni tak senyap.
Masing2 sibuk report apa yang diaorang buat seharian.
Soalan lazim dari daddy, kakak hari ni makan apa kat school?

Semalam I dengar nayli tanya umair, kereta in English apa? Car, Umair jawab. Then adalah lagi a few worlds yang nayli tanya tp yang geli hati tu bila nayli tanya singa in English apa?

Cuba teka umair jawab apa...
ermm..Alex! huhuhuh

O..O.. inilah akibatnya berulang-ulang tengok Madagascar movie.… ;-D

ps: kena setup balik my 'feel-links good' sebab dah hilang..baru sempat buat skit jer.


Received an award and been tagged by the only one ladybird which can talk! Huhu.

Arigato gozaimas for da award!! I like biar pun my blog ni ntah apa-apa kan..
But to get the award kena ada conditionnya…
Keep reading ya!

1. copy award di atas untuk diletakkan di blog anda

wokeh done! Thankiu.

2. nyatakan 5 jenis fakta menarik tentang pemberi award ini

Here you go:-

:: dia adik ipar saya known as mrs.taj. Anak perempuan sulung in the family.

:: she said she get addicted in blogging..bagus..bagus.

:: she is the one who influenced me to setup my own blog

:: she currently having a cute boy and try hardly for number two..insyaallah sooner or later. Usaha tangga kejayaan *wink-wink*

:: During her study time dia lagi chubby dari sekarang yang slim melim..rite ladybird?

3. setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta atau hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya

About me…(randomly)

* I like the sound just, nice and cheers, that is why I simply named this corner just nice..cheers! or boleh gak direlatekan camni “Tastes of life..sweet, bitter, sour and salty”. Mine is just nice...cheers always!

* Bila menaip kat blog suka bebenor letak dot dot dot (…) kat belakang ayat or the glam name is ellipsis. Tangan ni auto jer tekan tek tek tek. ;)

* Orang kata sape yang berdahi jendol ni ada vision. My dahi pun agak jendol so I suka fikir benda2 in advance. Kadang tu I jadi letih berfikir..grrrr

* Me very close to my mother. Maybe disebabkan am the only girl in the family & maybe jugak she feels so lonely sorang2 kat rumah.
Year by year we became closer, if 3 hari tak call tu rasa lama sungguh!

* My fave tv channels are discovery, history, AFC, travel and living & hallmarks. I oso like to layan CSI and dr. house .

* In person me not really seorang yang petah bercakap. My weakness. But when I meet someone yang talkative, I can change jadi talkative too. I am low profile person.... :)

* I jenis yang sangat tak puas hati bila tak jumpa cari barang yang hilang..sometimes sampai terbawak-bawak dalam mimpi. Gosh!

* Teringin nak pergi berehat/unwind kat pulau kapas or pulau perhentian in Terengganu. I have been in redang once. Even though Terengganu is my hometown tp always tak berkesempatan nak ke sana.I guess kalau kat pulau2 tu ada grand shopping mall dah lama I been there hiks! Yes, I do love the nature but if I got 2 choices, beach or shopping mall. I definitely go on latter option, shopping mall.

* I am lucky being a mother of two. The precious experience makes me wiser and really appreciate pengorbanan seorang ibu.

* Last but not least, nowadays I like berbungkus dengan shawl kat office, tak tahan sejuk. Lepas ni nak collect shawl pulak ;D

4. anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan describe tentang mereka
This part I ngelat skit..aci kan...

I would like to dedicate this award specially for those yang sudi dropping by & baca corat-coret saya disini. Tak ketinggalan juga to all my followers. Terima kasih kerana sudi jadi pengikut saya. Kalau sudi rajin-rajin lah buat this tag so we can know each other better. Zillion thanks buddy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

peter and jane

Me now looking for nayli’s book. Peter and Jane series published by Ladybird.

Recommended by her teacher because the series were designed to teach young kids how to read. The series were published before me born ;D

During weekend went to a few book shops but semua number yang I nak sold out. Looking for 2a and 3a edition.

Most kedai selling the advanced editions which Nayli belum sampai that level.

She has the 1a, b,c. yang I bought from a bookstore @ the Weld a few months back. Seems that I have to go back to that kedai again.

Since she masuk kindy, I discovered her knowledge improved a lot. Alhamdulillah.

She’s now catching up in reading, writing…but I dun push, at her age I dun expect too much.
Dia tak suka sangat mewarna like before. I pernah encourage dia melukis but macam gelap gambo jer.. I reckon not her passion for now.

I cakap kakak try tiru gambar princess or any picture that she likes. She said teacher kata tak boleh tiru mommy! Ahaks!!! Tergelak me…

Next week she told me that she has an exam. Mommy wish you good luck girl!

Ps: Umair cakap dia pun ada exam..huhu exam dengan nanny dia.
Funny..he likes to copycat his sister bab2 sekolah ni, dia assumed dia pun sekolah. Wait till next year umair!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hari ini saya pandu kereta…

Due to unexpected circumstances, today me terpaksa drive to office. Quite sometimes me tak drive. You know lah..bila drive semua deria have to be alert! Kalau tak me duduk jer sebelah tu sambil my mind fly away + sleep.

I like to drive actually. However since the hubby and I share the same route to office, better car pool jer kan.

Nak share experience skit, masa kat Jakarta hari tu. I perasan driver kat sana memang suka hon dan guna high beam especially the taxi driver. Kejap2 beep! beep! Bagi lampu tinggi… click! click! Bukan I jer perasan, my hubby pun.
Pastu dorang panggil short cut tu lorong tikus. For me first time dengar haa..lorong tikus tu apa? OIC.. short cut.

Jom layan cartoon ni. Lady drivers..funny!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let’s the pictures do the talking…

Pleased to share with you some photos that captured on Saturday.

Feel free to drop by the ladybird is talking’s blog for more pics and stories.

We brought kiddos masuk tengok dinasour exhibition@midvalley.
Kiddos (nayli, umair and their cousin, azim) had a fun time together. They were overexcited!

My hubby & mother in law lepaking/reading news while waiting for us habis tengok exhibition.

Bro & sis
While jalan-jalan these 2 boys kena ikat dlm stroller sebab hyper active. Si azim trying hard to go down…huhuhu

Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend is over…

On Saturday me was out for the whole day with my parents in law and sis in law.
On Sunday just rest at home but at night went out for awhile sebab ada yang nak belanja sempena hari ibu. Went to sushi king only. Lazy to go out tapi kena paksa huhuhu.. thank you hunny!

Semalam kan hari dah jumpa my MIL on Saturday. Sempat bought a small gift for her sebagai tanda ingatan before she go back to K. Trg yesterday.
Gift for my mom pun ada tapi tak tahu lagi bila nak balik kg. So me call jer wish her mother’s day. Ada babak happy + touching yesterday morning.
Ibu…Ibu..engkaulah ratu hati ku…

Nayli pun bagi card for me. She made at school. Of course teacher dia la yang ajar tulis2 dalam card tu.
Masa I jemput dia from rumah nanny on Friday tu dia cakap “mommy ada surprise”. Masuk je kereta terus dia bagi card tu walaupun hari ibu bukan on that day. Tak sabar2 dia nak hand over to me.
Dia siap mentioned “Kakak buat kad untuk mommy. Daddy buat kad untuk tok (MIL). Mommy buat kad untuk tok wan (my mom)”

Thank you dear! Mommy melted..
erm..kakak, muka kartun tu kelakar la..
nayli's handwritings..
This is my belated present from my sil, Mrs. Taj. Thank you so much!
a small gift for my mil..
nayli posing with her new handbag from auntie ah (mrs taj) for her 5th birthday
Last nite photos

Friday, May 8, 2009


After long hour lunch today me felt sleepy giler so to hilangkan rasa mengantuk baik me layan radio sorang2. As usual me tuned to red fm.
Kat radio ada contest for mom’s day. I’m not telling you that I took part in that contest ok. No. I’m just listening.

The pressie no bad! Mom dapat layanan special kat traders hotel kat klcc tu. The dj will call the participant and ask 3 Qs. The same Qs will be asked to the mom. If the answers are similar they stand a chance to be a winner. Not easy though.

One of the caller make me nak menetess air mata. When she bagi ucapan to her MIL. Tetiba me emo, teringat mak kat kg. ishk! ishk! Tissue plz…

Drama plak.

Orait me wanna take this opportunity to wish happy mom’s day to my mom and my
mom-in-law. I love you moms..

…dress code on friday…

Effective frm today, management my office ni allowed semua staff pakai casual and ‘dressed down’ on every Friday. Suka..suka..
walaupun…. ofis orang lain dah lama implement dress code cam gini.
For guys especially..merdeka! no neck tie on Friday..yeah!
For ladies..after this boleh la carik new casual collections plak..

By the way, korang perasan tak ‘Sarimah diary AF’ use the inner shirt to the fullest. I meant everyday dia keluar tv nampak dia match inner shirt ngan baju fesyen terkini which looks nice pulak..kena aje. Orang cantik pakai apa pun look good!
Menetesss air mata (tu kan ayat fave dia..)

pinjam photo ni yek!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Capek sampai telat..

Me still capek..sekarang baru terasa. This morning we are late. My other half yang selalu jadi my alarm clock pun terlajak jugak..huhu. Apalagi kelam kabut lah kitaorang pagi tadi.
My luggage that day pun belum fully unpacked. Bilik budak2 dah macam tongkang pecah..really tak larat. Ada tak sape2 nak tolong kemas? Time camni lah terasa sangat baik if ada bibik..owh gosh!

All I want now is …
a body massage kat spa.

Ececeh...verangan! ok kalau tak leh kat spa bagi makcik tukang urut pun ok gak..;-D

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

add more pics..layan..


2nd nite we had dinner at Sembara, a sundanese restaurant. I like to environment..

This pic taken masa dah on the way back to Jakarta..dalam van. After 15 minutes semua zzzz..

This is our room in Jakarta. Last minute booking..

swimming pool...

Pantang nampak air..kalau boleh tak nak naik ke bilik..tak bawak baju mandi that's why pakai camtu jer..ihiks bantai jer la..

lama jugak we all tunggu nak boarding..sambil tu ambik gambar dulu...

ni lah kopi yg I mentioned time pergi kena beli banyak2..

2 beranak duk sembang apa ntah!

pose sikit...

boring tunggu daddy tengah ukur baju..posing dulu lah ;D

Lastly sempat lagi bergambar dgn awek bandung yg melayan me beli tudung.. ;-)