Monday, November 2, 2009

Art time!!

Let’s do art with me, Nayli. Today I show you how to decorate a card. Very easy-peasy.

Actually my mommy bought an art book for me and there is a free gift for D.I.Y cards.
I love it so much!

Firstly, you must have glue, cardboard and all the small-small + colorful things to stick on the cards.
Mine..I have a few shapes such as star, heart, tomato, orange, square, circle and dust yang kilat2 tu..I don’t know what’s that, my mommy also not sure what we call it. :)

Did you see the pink square thingy with heart shape in the picture? (luv shape punch)
I like it because it’s chill you know.. as usual-lah my mommy bought for me. FYI my mommy likes cute stuffs…she likes hello kitty more than me!
To use it, you just simply take a piece of color paper (any color that you prefer) and press hardly then the heart shape will come out! You can paste it anywhere you like. Is it chill? cards are ready. Cantik tak?

ps: as you can see my lil’ brother always busy to kacau me..


rasp said...

nayli leh geng dgn emerald and dengan i hehehehe...
i love doing arts and craft too :)

a-as said...

ya i know u like to do the manik2 stuffs tu nice.

saja belikan nayli art book for her to asah her talent in crafting..

atty's said...

bagusnya ..rajin ..

Dee said...


POSH76 said...

pandainyer...kemas ajer...hehe