Friday, May 8, 2009


After long hour lunch today me felt sleepy giler so to hilangkan rasa mengantuk baik me layan radio sorang2. As usual me tuned to red fm.
Kat radio ada contest for mom’s day. I’m not telling you that I took part in that contest ok. No. I’m just listening.

The pressie no bad! Mom dapat layanan special kat traders hotel kat klcc tu. The dj will call the participant and ask 3 Qs. The same Qs will be asked to the mom. If the answers are similar they stand a chance to be a winner. Not easy though.

One of the caller make me nak menetess air mata. When she bagi ucapan to her MIL. Tetiba me emo, teringat mak kat kg. ishk! ishk! Tissue plz…

Drama plak.

Orait me wanna take this opportunity to wish happy mom’s day to my mom and my
mom-in-law. I love you moms..


rasp said...

happy mum's day to u too dearie...
and have a hepi wiken!

a-as said...

You have a beautiful weekend & happy mum's day to u too sis!

Mya said...

selamat hari ibu yang! :)

a-as said...

selamat hari ibu utk mya jugak!
yaya mesti rindu..