Friday, April 3, 2009


My boy’s story. Nowadays he likes to dilly-dallying while having his milk. With 8oz milk will take about half hour while his hand keep touching and rubbing his getah seluar. This habit since he was 1yo I think. That is why he refused to wear pants yang tak bergetah. When this phase will over?? I also cannot tell..let it be naturally happen..Sure me will miss to see this moment again.

Time really flies like a bird..tak sangka my boy will turn to three this Sunday. Happy birthday dear boy. Rasa macam baru lagi mommy tahan sakit nak melahirkan mu..
When I asking him what present he likes to have on his big day. He spontaneously said “happy meal” huhuhu..for him happy meal equals to toys. He is not fancy about the fries, burger, nugget bagai tu.

Okie dokie..that’s gud, cheap one. We shall get a happy meal for you dear as requested!.
Happy birthday once again..jadi anak yang soleh ya!

pic courtesy of mcd

Ps: his sista, dah twice remind me to potong her fringe (dah masuk mata). Weekend kena layan lah.


Mrs Taj said...

wahhh dah nk msk 3 thn...kejap je kn ms berlalu...tak celebrate ke? atau celebrate with his sista nnt? or with U skali? hhehehe

Happy Birthday Umair..

rasp said...

mmg terasa cepat sangat masa berlalu and terasa cepat bebenor our kids grow up kan...

Wah bulan yg best nie :D mesti uols looking forward for april when D day sis :) have fun!! kirim leh hehehehehe

Happy Birthday Umair...

a-as said...

mrs. taj: sowwy baru terhegeh2 nak jawab soklan yang dah pun terjawab huhu..

a-as said...

rasp: betul tu sis..pejam celik dah 3 tahun dah si umair tu.

we are looking forward to end of the month. Ok let me know nak kirim apa ;)