Tuesday, March 3, 2009

hate Tuesday? u r not alone...

Hi guys,

Just to show off my new rantai. (jangan marah wokey! sekali sekala I nak show off here ;p )

Anddd to share this which I read somewhere..for those who hate Tuesday, you‘re not alone.

I'm with the people who hate Tuesdays.
Mondays, you've still got a little bit of a glow from the weekend (assuming it was a good one).
Wednesday--hey, Wednesday is Hump Day! Get past that and it’ll be good until the weekend.
Thursday, you've got one more day until Friday!
Friday is self-explanatory.
What's special about Tuesday? Nothin'. The weekend's truly over and the next one is four days away.
People who hate Mondays read too much Garfield.

Unquote - Garfield is having a sleepy eyes yet cute, skooling time minat sangat kartun ni. Boyfriend bagi card pun gamba Garfield huhu…

Ps: kalau time rajin haaa..“backtoback” entries flow out in a day. Kalau malas..


Aida Narina said...

Hi there :)

Nice knowing u. Just dropping by to say hello.

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This is So Fashion. Thanks darling!

a-as said...

hi aida narina..not aida nerina yek..
thanks for the invitation. ;)