Monday, March 2, 2009

random personal & wish list updates @02/03/2008

1) Read, read, read more materials that can motivate me (outside and inside) as I am an easy-forget-person.

2) Improve, improve and improve my English as mine not-so-good leh! How? By reading I suppose…

3) FYI, I carry a small note book in my handbag, if I terjumpa any new words/phrases I like it to be jotted down. Apa2 saja yang I would like to remember I tulis kat situ…eheh very conservative style kan.

4) I have many ideas and plans in my head but sometimes it remains as a plan..never materialized. But latest me and the hubby plan to start something..let see how that will work out.

5) Wonder why I tak ambik kelas renang / kelas menari 10 years ago. Padahal banyak masa and no commitments that time. Slight regret here :(

6) I wish to have a COZY corner (tiny corner will do because I know I don’t own a mansion to have a big study room) at home for me to do my works (it can be browsing mags/opis works/bertenet etc). That corner will be named as “mommy’s cozy corner”. Not necessary equipped by branded furniture tapi kalau red apple, h. norman or ikea nak sponsor boleh gak. (This note is special to my hubby)
Currently use meja makan. Situ lah tempat makan situ jugak tempat buat kerja (kesian saya)

7) I wish to have a sewing machine. (dah lama ni tapi masih ada dlm list sebab tak dapat2 lagi)

8) I eagerly want to explore, try and error on dig. book-scrapping. As I am not good in IT (memang meraba-raba macam orang buta) so I don’t care if my progress same as snail pace. Tapi this is really my new hobby that I want to learn and ready to get addicted! Anyone good in DBS and nak bagi special tutorial for me or to share the least complicated way in learning this thing? hhuhu..

That’s all my latest random personal & wish list for now…

I ada mentioned yang sekarang I addicted to read a blog (I sanggup print her entries so I can read at home)
Last Saturday, I met the owner of the blog, a very pretty lady dan sangat peramah…hope I can see her again in near future.


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LiLa said...

Sory, i tak selalu tinggal comment kat blog u...selalunya jadi silent reader kat almost blog :D But love to read urs...

p/s: blog sapa yg interesting ni? share2 le :)